What Is Corporate Chaplaincy?

There’s no denying it: Americans are stressed out. Working beyond the forty-hour work week, fulfilling the responsibilities of home, commuting and running errands on inadequate sleep—all contribute to the lack of margin and high stress many people experience daily. And there’s no break from the stress; tension at work affects home life, and personal challenges come to work with employees, resulting in low productivity, low morale, and high absenteeism.

In addition, many people do not have anyone to turn to at work or outside work during the challenging times of life.

Enter corporate chaplaincy and Chaplain Assistance Programs (CAPs).

A CAP is a benefit for employees and their households and immediate family members that places a chaplain from a corporate chaplaincy provider in the workplace to support and walk alongside those who are struggling.

Chaplain Assistance Programs are:

  • Free to employees. An organization contracts with and pays an outside corporate chaplaincy provider for the service.
  • Voluntary. Chaplains are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for any employee who wants support, but no one can be forced to utilize the benefit.
  • Relational. Corporate chaplains spend regular time at a worksite building relationships with employees and getting to know them, which makes CAPs more effective and more highly utilized than traditional Employee Assistance Programs.
  • Confidential. CAPs provide a neutral space for employees to share their struggles safely without having to fear that others in the office will hear about them. Chaplains will only break their commitment to confidentiality in situations where they’re required to do so by law.
  • Available for people of all faiths (or no faith). Corporate chaplains let employees who are interested initiate conversations about faith and spirituality. For employees who aren’t interested or don’t bring up faith in conversation, chaplains serve more as a life coach.

CAPs are also effective. Research has shown that the implementation of a Chaplain Assistance Program:

  • reduces the costly consequences of poor problem solving (e.g., suicide, substance abuse, workplace violence and/or sabotage, etc.)
  • increases the probability of early awareness of and intervention in situations of physical or emotional overload and the onset of related physical and emotional dysfunction
  • provides a source of support and resources in times of personal crises
  • improves attitudes, cooperation, and performance
  • increases loyalty and trustworthiness
  • increases dedication to company goals, priorities, and objectives
  • reduces staff conflicts
  • decreases anxiety and tension
  • contributes to the safety of the workplace environment
  • serves the company values
  • increases commitment to the job and reduces absenteeism
  • helps employees become more productive

There are businesses in your city that need a corporate chaplain to offer support for hurting employees grappling with the brokenness of our world. Are you interested in helping meet that need? For more information, check out our Consider Corporate Chaplaincy Kit or our Start Your Chaplaincy Business Kit.

Our mission as a consulting team is to mentor and equip emerging workplace chaplains. Our vision as chaplains is to reach out and bring care where it is needed most and where it can make a meaningful difference.

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