Corporate chaplaincy is an emerging industry, but the role of the corporate chaplain is a familiar one. Much like military chaplains care for soldiers and their families, corporate chaplaincy provides a chaplain in the workplace to care for employees and their families.

Chaplains are there to ensure that employees do not have to walk through life’s struggles alone. They also ensure that managers are not on their own when trying to deal with the complex personal situations that employees bring to work. As chaplains build relationships with employees, they are available to provide support and encouragement when things are going well as well as to help facilitate creative problem solving when employees are struggling with any number of personal issues.

Corporate chaplains are not just available when they’re physically in a workplace, however. They’re available to owners, managers, and employees (not to mention employees’ immediate family members and households) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

In a nutshell, chaplains help employees connect with the resources they need in order to reduce stress and help the organization to run more smoothly. In this way, a workplace chaplain works to advance the common good. Chaplains come alongside people every day, offering the ministry of presence as well as help and hope for any employee who wants it.