A good story is powerful. Stories help us connect to a person and relate to their life.

I could research the track record of corporate chaplaincy for weeks, but it’s the stories I hear—and get to be part of myself—about the positive difference corporate chaplains make in people’s lives that make me really take notice and get excited.

A good story is what we remember when all the statistics get jumbled in our minds (was it 34 percent or 43 percent?). Numbers are easy to forget.

But stories are about people, not numbers.

Chaplains can’t (and won’t) tell you too much about how they help individual employees. That’s a good thing, because then you know that you can trust them with the issues in your own life. You know it’s safe.

At the same time, that makes it difficult to demonstrate how powerful the presence of a chaplain can be in an employee’s life. How is it possible for companies considering chaplaincy to truly understand the important role chaplains play? How can they see that having a chaplain can truly be just what an employee needs to turn things around and get back on track? Do you just have to ask them to trust you? Maybe not.

Sometimes you will have employees who want to share, who are hoping to use their experiences to reach others. They are willing to tell their stories so that the rest of us on the outside can better understand.

Nou Her is one such employee. She has chosen to share her story about when life got just a bit too chaotic.

Ever been there? Ever had one of your employees there? How might a corporate chaplain have helped?

This video is made possible by the generous partnership of Bryan Feller (ChaplainsInc.com and bryanfellerassociates.com), a client of Corporate Chaplaincy Consulting.