Terry Erickson serves as a chaplain at Coyle Carpet—a role he’s in because of his own calling and gifts as well as the great need for chaplains in the workplace.

The Need

As Terry has ministered to employees at Coyle Carpet, he’s realized that many people don’t have a pastor in their life—and that at some point, they’ll need one. He’s been able to fill that role for those at Coyle Carpet by officiating weddings and funerals.

Additionally, Terry has observed, “A lot of the folks really just don’t have friends to process life with, and by being there on a regular basis, I’m able to process with them, and then moments where there’s a crisis, I’m able to be involved.”

The Privilege

Employees were suspicious of Terry at first, but as he has built trust with them, and as issues have come up, the employees now all welcome his presence. In fact, they sometimes even ask him to meet with their family members who are going through difficult circumstances.

As a corporate chaplain, he’s invited in to employees’ lives—their deep joys and their deep pain—in a way few other people are. It’s a role that gives him deep purpose and deep joy, as he gets to see God use him to bring hope and healing to individuals in very personal ways.

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