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Have you been considering a career change? Do you have the desire to help others? Do you enjoy lending a listening ear to people in need?

Workplace chaplains reach out and bring care where it is needed most, and where it can make a meaningful difference.

Take the first step toward a rewarding career as a corporate chaplain and purchase the Consider Corporate Chaplaincy Kit.

The Consider Corporate Chaplaincy Kit will help you discern whether corporate chaplaincy is right for you, show you what to expect in your new profession, and help you get your own Chaplain Assistance Program (CAP) off and running.

For just $45.00, here’s what is included in your Consider Corporate Chaplaincy Kit:

Consider Corporate Chaplaincy ebook

In this 30-page ebook, you receive four detailed chapters that will give you insight into the fullfilling career of corporate chaplaincy.

Here’s what you’ll find in the ebook:

17 FAQs about Corporate Chaplaincy: Find answers to the top questions about corporate chaplaincy and how it works in the workplace. Questions include:

  • Why should a business have a corporate chaplaincy program?
  • Do chaplains push religion or focus primarily on the religious needs of the employees?
  • What type of training do chaplains have, and what is the commitment to ongoing continuing education?

21 Winning Qualities of a Corporate Chaplain: A corporate chaplain’s job description is more about their character—who they are at heart and how they serve their clientele—than a cut-and-dry list of day-to-day responsibilities. Learn the who, what, when, where, why, and how of corporate chaplaincy through this list of characteristics important for those serving as workplace chaplains.

A Day in the Life of a Corporate Chaplain: While a given workday of one corporate chaplain may share similarities with another chaplain, it is difficult to label any day as “typical.” Get a taste of what a corporate chaplain does to prepare and serve on a daily basis.

3 Personal Journeys to Corporate Chaplaincy: Corporate chaplains come from a variety of backgrounds. Some integrate chaplaincy into their existing careers while others transition into full-time corporate chaplaincy. Read the stories of three people who felt called to workplace chaplaincy: a church pastor, a social worker, and a retired Employee Assistance Program provider.

Please note that this ebook is available only as a PDF download. It is not available in Kindle, ePub, or hard-copy format.

Starter Marketing Documents

Chaplain Services Info Sheet: This Microsoft Word document is a modifiable template that outlines the services offered by a traditional Chaplain Assistance Program. You can adapt this document to meet your needs and use it when explaining your chaplaincy services to potential client companies.

What a CAP Will Do for You: This modifiable Microsoft Word document can be used to promote the key benefits of Chaplain Assistance Programs to potential client companies.

FREE 30-Minute Phone Consultation

Included at no additional cost, you can spend 30 minutes asking Steve Cook, owner of Corporate Chaplaincy Consulting, any questions you feel will help you discern your calling to corporate chaplaincy. You can also spend the time clarifying anything you’ve read in the Consider Corporate Chaplaincy ebook or other documents, or setting initial action steps for your career.

We will be in touch via email within 1-2 business days after your purchase to arrange your FREE 30-minute phone consultation.

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Our mission as a consulting team is to mentor and equip emerging workplace chaplains. Our vision as chaplains is to reach out and bring care where it is needed most and where it can make a meaningful difference.

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