Phone Consultation

Steve will both answer your questions and ask you questions that will further your discussion. Together, you’ll determine areas of growth for your chaplaincy skills and business ownership, and outline your next steps. Use your Phone Consultation time to:

  • learn new strategies or tweak those that aren’t working for you
  • talk through certain challenges you’ve faced so far
  • refine your pitch to prospective client companies
  • get further explanation of any topics from the Consider Corporate Chaplaincy Kit or the Start Your Chaplaincy Business Kit (both resources are recommended but not required prior to the phone consultation)

The phone consultation is ultimately led by you, and Steve will work to insure you get the most out of your call. You’ll be best prepared for the call by compiling a list of discussion topics and questions and sending them to Steve ahead of time to insure your call addresses as many of your needs as possible in the allotted time.

Order as many one-hour blocks of Phone Consulting time as you feel you will need.

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Our mission as a consulting team is to mentor and equip emerging workplace chaplains. Our vision as chaplains is to reach out and bring care where it is needed most and where it can make a meaningful difference.

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