Shadow a Corporate Chaplain

Do you want to reach your chaplaincy business goals faster? Or, if you’re new to corporate chaplaincy altogether, do you want to find out whether it’s the right field for you? There’s just no comparison to firsthand experience.

Take a step closer to achieving your goals by talking to and observing those who’ve been working as corporate chaplains for years.

The Shadow a Corporate Chaplain package gives you two distinct opportunities to grow your business and yourself: one-on-one phone consulting and on-site shadowing.

Here’s what’s included when you purchase the Shadow a Corporate Chaplain package:

Two-Hour Phone Consultation

Steve Cook, owner of Corporate Chaplaincy Consulting, LLC, is available to answer any questions you feel will move you forward toward your chaplaincy goals.

From the convenience of your own home or office, you’ll receive Steve’s undivided attention and the hard-won wisdom of more than a decade of experience.

Steve will both answer your questions and ask you questions that will further your discussion. Together, you’ll determine areas of growth for your chaplaincy skills and business ownership, and outline your next steps.

You can use this time to:

  • learn new strategies or tweak those that aren’t working for you
  • talk through certain challenges you’ve faced so far
  • refine your pitch to prospective client companies
  • get further explanation of any topics from the Consider Corporate Chaplaincy Kit or the Start Your Chaplaincy Business Kit (both resources are recommended but not required prior to the phone consultation)

The phone consultation is ultimately led by you, and Steve will work to insure you get the most out of your call. You’ll be best prepared for the call by compiling a list of discussion topics and questions and sending them to Steve ahead of time to insure your call addresses as many of your needs as possible in the allotted time.

We will be in touch via email within 1-2 business days after your purchase to arrange your phone consultation.

Note: You can use the entire two hours in one session or divide it into two one-hour sessions.

Shadow Day

Investing in a shadow day will give you an inside look at corporate chaplaincy.

You’ll spend 8-12 hours observing one or more chaplains from Capital Chaplains, LLC, on their visits to 2-3 client companies in south central Wisconsin.

Shadowing can occur at various stages of your own chaplaincy journey:

  • Use your day to determine if becoming a corporate chaplain is right for you.
  • Like iron sharpens iron, you can use it to refine and refresh your chaplaincy skill set.
  • Or have your shadow day designed to see what it’s like to own and manage a chaplaincy organization with multiple chaplains under your wing.

To make the absolute most of your visit, you’ll be able to ask lots of questions, find out the challenges your workplace chaplaincy peers face, and learn from their wealth of experience. Even your meals between client visits will provide opportunities to continue learning from your on-site chaplain hosts. You’ll spend the last portion of your shadow day reviewing your experiences with Steve and getting answers to new or lingering questions you may have.

No matter which client companies or chaplains you observe during your time in south central Wisconsin, you’ll walk away with lots of practical information, new perspectives, and action steps toward your own chaplaincy goals.

Find out for yourself how far you can go!

Choose to immerse yourself in this hands-on coaching experience to discover and hone your potential. Just click on the “BUY NOW” button below to get started!

BUY NOW ($1,450)

NOTE: Total price does not include your transportation to and from Madison, Wis., housing, or food. A $725 down payment is required at checkout. You will pay your balance upon finalizing your Shadow Day arrangements via phone or email. For questions regarding the payment process, please email Steve.

Our mission as a consulting team is to mentor and equip emerging workplace chaplains. Our vision as chaplains is to reach out and bring care where it is needed most and where it can make a meaningful difference.

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