#Here’s what clients are saying about Corporate Chaplaincy Consulting.

“Steve Cook and his team have been instrumental in the development of my business from before it was a graduate thesis until my official launch. He is an incredible resource, and has provided a wealth of information relating to the start-up of my venture. The shadow day that was spent with Steve, his chaplains, his development team, and his clients answered many outstanding questions that had lingered and enabled me to witness the heart of his organization. Over the last few years, Steve has become a trusted friend and colleague, and I recommend his services very highly.”

Andy Higgins, President of Worksite Chaplains, Cleveland, OH

“Steve Cook, of Corporate Chaplaincy Consulting, was extremely beneficial in the development stages of creating my own chaplaincy program for the Houston area. During my initial research of chaplaincy programs, my conversations with Steve confirmed the possibility of creating a uniquely personal service program that God had laid on my heart. His knowledge, experience, and detailed day-to-day operating wisdom gave me the context necessary in which to pursue my calling. Thank you, Steve, for the assistance you have been in my journey of chaplaincy work.”

Dave E. Anderson, Founder of MyCorporateChaplain.com, Houston, TX

“Corporate Chaplaincy Consulting under the leadership of Steve Cook fills an important need in assisting those who serve employees and build healthy organizational cultures. Over the years, I’ve watched corporate chaplaincy grow in breadth and depth. As the field has matured, market leaders have emerged. I count Corporate Chaplaincy Consulting as one of the vanguards.

John R. Terrill, Director of the Center for Integrity in Business, School of Business & Economics, Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA

Our mission as a consulting team is to mentor and equip emerging workplace chaplains. Our vision as chaplains is to reach out and bring care where it is needed most and where it can make a meaningful difference.

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